Overview of Our Carpet Cleaning Process


Prior to beginning our service, we prepare your home by protecting your environment. We begin by putting our equipment on drop cloths. We set up wall corner guards, which will prevent hoses from damaging paint or wall coverings. A door jam, which is a padded vinyl, is attached to your entry door.

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Soil Suspension

Soil suspension is the term used to describe the process of separating the soil from the carpet fiber that could not be removed with dry vacuuming. This can include soil from food, liquid spills-such as coffee, soft drinks or fruit drinks, grease, various soil from pets, children and shoes, as well as a host of other things.

There are 4 steps to soil suspension:

Pre-conditioners – are cleaning agents used to separate and suspend the soil from the carpet fiber. The cleaning process includes heat; agitation and time which all help the pre-conditioners loosen the soil from the carpet fibers. These pre-conditioners can be compared to the detergents you use to wash your clothes. They are safe and non toxic.

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Heat – is an important component of the cleaning process. Our state of the art equipment is capable of heating water to 245 degrees. This helps separate the soil from the carpet fiber.

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Agitation – is a key component to soil suspension. Most cleaning processes (i.e. a washing machine) spend a considerable amount of time on this function. We use a rotary carpet brush which provides significant agitation to the carpet.

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Time – is essential after agitation. We let the pre-conditioners set for 10-15 minutes. This lets the pre-conditioners work their magic and separate the soil from the carpet fibers.

Soil Extraction – Is a critical step of the process. After the soil is suspended from the carpet fiber, it is critical that it is removed from the carpet. There is no debate that a high-end truck mount machine is the best method for soil extraction. The water pressure, heat and vacuum power are overwhelming compared to any other technique.

Our extraction tools, including our Hydramaster RX 20, Rotary Dry Master, Wand and Stair Tool are state of the art and extract the maximum amount of soil possible. Your carpets are left clean.

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Our carpet cleaning services are performed at the highest professional level. You can feel confident you have found the best carpet cleaner. Our prices are reasonable. From cleaning all types of carpet to removing dog and cat urine, our goal is to exceed your expectations.


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